April 2004

May 2004

the structure is started.... the new floor joists are hung

June 2004

Time to add some ceiling joists.... and make those old 2 x 4 walls into 2 x 6 walls

July 2004

Oops... Andi deleted the pictures.... that's the problem with these new digital cameras

August 2004

Could it really be the plumbing is roughed in.... this might be a bathroom after all.

nice blocking.... and WOW its a floor! Jeff can no longer push Andi through the floor.

September 2004

Finally the interior walls take shape...

the future air jacuzzi tub (left)....... and the shower (right)

the view as you walk in the door.... and the view looking back toward the door (don't mind the saw horse work bench... that won't stay)

October 2004

a new window...